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Winter Boot Camp Program

December 26 to January 5  |  8 Days

SAT / ACT Prep

Elite’s SAT/ACT Winter Boot Camp is an intense SAT/ACT preparation course held 8 days during the two-week Winter Break. Students will take a full-length SAT/ACT practice test each day and then attend classes. The WBC offers an excellent opportunity for students preparing to take the SAT Reasoning/ACT


PSAT CR/W club designed especially for 8th graders to 10th graders who want to get a head start on preparing SAT. This course utilizes students to develop critical reading, grammar, and writing skills. The class will run 4 hours each day include SAT vocabulary lesson. The students will take 2 full length exams, including the math and essay sections.


SSAT Winter Boot Camp is an intense course held over nine days during the two-week Winter Break. The classes meet for 4 hours a day, ten times during the break. The students will take full-length exams. The students will memorize 800 vocabulary words, and work out hundreds of math problems. This SSAT Winter Boot Camp is an excellent program for students preparing the SSAT Test.

AP Intensive Prep

Students who join 8 days of Intensive AP Test Prep classes can join the regular AP course offered in January. 

Calculus AB, BC / Statistics / Physics 1, 2 / Chemistry / Biology / World History / US History / English Language and Composition / English Literature and Composition / Micro, Macro Economics / Human Geography / Psychology

Prime English

Prime English course during the winter break consists of Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Prime English aims to build upon students’ knowledge of the world to develop the language skills they need for success in the school year.

Reading & Literary Composition

The Elite Reading & Literary Composition is for those students who want to develop their critical thinking and writing skills. During the winter break, students come to classes four times a week, for three-hours per class, and a more intense course than regular R&W program. The R&LC is comprised of novel study, vocabulary study, article, and writing practice. Based on their placement test results, they are placed in one of 4 levels. Throughout the “LITERARY COMPOSITION”, students will be exploring different genres of writing. Students will be given extensive feedback from teachers to help them target specific weaknesses.


An intensive 8 week program designed to prepare students for their exams. Lesson plans incorporate vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking and writing.

Intensive Course (Grammar, Writing, Reading)

This Course is especially designed to facilitate students move into upper levels and SAT classes, as well as to help students improve in their regular secondary school classes.

Each Campus has a different schedule and programs. Please contact your nearest campus for more detail..